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The LODON Brand spotlights our highly developed senses for identifying the most carbon or cash intensive targets. We have specialized services to get to what's most critical.  Our people and tools cut through the tough stuff to make an impact.


Our highly skilled team of experts have a combined 25 years of industry experience. Our model prioritizes effective communication and teamwork to coordinate a smooth process for getting your building's projects implemented and completed to save you the most money. Our specialized team is passionate about readily available solutions that have great impact on building sustainability and the environment. We value our client relationships and are invested in the growth of Green Buildings. 



To communicate the value of sustainability to existing building owners or managers, and support effective transformation of underserved carbon intensive buildings. We care about providing  service that accelerates strategic investments to drastically reduce resource waste and unnecessary GHG emissions from our built environment. 


That every building owner and manager will have affordable services at their fingers tips so they can continually support changes that provide sustainability strategy, impactful cost conservation, and critical improvement implementations. We envision a collaborative effort where the building industry maximizes their potential in the contribution of reversing climate change. 



Our strategy focuses on older buildings or processes that have outdated systems and technology because those tend to be the most carbon intensive. We know the readily available technical solutions that these buildings can easily implement for little to no cost that will also have the great impact. We engage ownership with the data visualization to see what we know is possible. Our platform brings together industry professional, data, and ownership for complete transparency and effective communication for the cost-saving projects that need to get done. 


  1. Create a sustainable infrastructure for exiting building owners while saving them money.

  2. Contribute to environmental impact through our sustainability services & products that we implement.

  3. Promote opportunities for a work force transition that focuses on sustainability.

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