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Sustainability for Industry

If there are opportunities to improve buildings or system operations we find them. When improvements in planning we make sure they provide maximum environmental and financial savings. Or if buildings or operations are continuing down the business as usual path, we help leaderships align critical operations, services, and product providers with their goals so that they can do better for their business, the environment, and the local community.  


From the smallest equipment to the largest systems, from the everyday monitoring and adjustments to the more complex retrofits, replacements or additions, we're providing the support this industry needs to move forward sustainably. 


Our Red White and Blue collar concierge services provide professional support for the industry From blue-collar boots on the ground for inspections and technical support, to collar research, analysis, and building or energy modeling, each building is all led by an experienced passionate, or "red-collar" sustainability project manager.   

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Cost Conservation is our most compelling initial business case offering, this helps our customers identify opportunities for low-cost high impact adjustments & accelerate their path to meet or exceed achievable reduction goals, within existing operating budgets.  


LODON provides dynamic analysis starting with publicly available environmental compliance regulations data remotely or acquiring higher definition data by surveying the operation, and we guarantee to find opportunities to optimize operations and reduce costs by significant margins.  

Utility or Supplier Rate Adjustments 

Consumption Conservation Management

Sustainability Program Development  



Sustainable Support provides comprehensive technical services & specialty engineering to fill critical gaps that operators or service providers often overlook or are resource-limited by.  

LODON provides dynamic optimization support comprehensive surveyors & technical support to assist existing operators in identifying & prioritizing the most effective improvement opportunities to maintain progress from one system solution to the next. This allows industry stakeholders to do what they do best at an accelerated pace, and in line with leadership priorities for cost and GHG saving goals.


Building or System Performance Monitoring  

Operations & Compliance Guidance 

New Project Development & Coordination 

Improvement Implementation

Improvement Implementation is critical for major systems and equipment that depend on internal operators or external professional services or products providers' support to maintain, improve or expand operations efficiently.  


LODON provides dynamic improvements through procurement methods for system, equipment, and operating conditions, and supports the specification, scoping, and sourcing of services & products, so the best-in-class improvements and financials are realized,  with utility incentive coordination.


Building or System Procurement & Modeling 

Pre Construction & Engineering Services 

Service or Product Sourcing & Coordination

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The Industry And Our Model

California's climate change initiatives have led to the evolution of programs implemented by groups like the California Air Resource Board, Los Angeles Building and Safety, and others that look to track inefficiency and refrigeration management while also incentivizing efficiency projects and building retrofits that lead to environmental impact. Our model addresses the missed opportunities from compliance tracking and focuses on the solutions that are available once building owners understand what the data reflects about building inefficiency.

Service companies and funding are available and at your reach. The problems navigate the solutions by maintaining progress beyond daily business as usual operations.

Our Model gets you investments for return in performance improvements, conservation & savings, while also having a community impact. 

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