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Sustainability for Operations & Maintenance



Transitioning away from high Global Warming Refrigerants(GWP)  is the number one way to reverse industry-caused global warming. High GWP refrigerant leaks can be prevented, phased-out refrigerants can be retrofitted, and natural refrigerant systems are more efficient and safe than ever imagined possible.  With the right strategies for existing refrigeration systems,  costs can be significantly reduced while performance is optimized.





Energy & Water Efficiency

Maximizing efficiency of energy and water use  within building systems brings with it many overall improvements including operator control, equipment longevity, and even core business productivity. There’s no reason not to  continuously improve building efficiency, especially with many major great utility incentive programs supporting retrofits or replacements with significant funding and best in class technical support for qualification and validation.  


Renewables & Storage

Renewable energy and storage are one of the greatest industry revolutions of our time and the 2nd most effective strategy for reversing global warming. We always encourage efficiency first, but any building owner with a significant roof or land area deserves a renewable energy and storage plan for decarbonization and resiliency. Solar is extremely effective in offsetting utility costs or generating revenue for commercial or industrial businesses, while batteries with advanced control can keep a business running through inevitable outages on our increasingly stressed grid.  





Electrification & Batteries

Electrification of Medium & Heavy duty fleets is finally here for the long haul, especially for the regional trucking operation. From Class 4 vans to Class 8 tractors, including the needs of refrigeration with independent battery reefer systems. Electric vehicles handle greater payloads and drastically more efficiently than any gas or diesel alternative, without any direct GHG emissions.   While Level 2 or 3 charging infrastructure on premise allows drivers to be more productive out on the road without refueling stops and significantly less fuel or maintenance cost. 

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